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Programme: 2024 8th Martial Arts Open School ❍ Main activities   – Martial arts training (70%)   – Lectures and educational activities (30%) ❍ Period: from June to September, 2024 (tentative)   – Two or three days a week, 8 to 12 weeks programme  ❍ Number of participants: 150 – 200 students  ❍ Age range: primary to secondary and high school students  ❍ Funding source: ICM   – The maximum amount of funding per proposal will be around 12,000,000 KRW (approx. 8,900 USD)   – Estimated costs in your proposal will be considered, adjusted and confirmed after discussion

 Scope of the Work

  •  Project preparation (programme design, purchasing training equipment and supplies, arranging training venue, hiring personnel, public communication, gathering participants, etc.)
  •  Project implementation (operating martial arts training and educational activities, drafting reports, tracking participants’ attendance, etc.)
  •  Project monitoring and evaluation (participant surveys, physical and psychological tests, etc.)
  •  Communication and reporting (budget management, drafting reports, taking photos and videos, etc.)
  •  Any other requested tasks involved in hosting the Open School projet

□ Eligibility

  •  Be an organisation or an entity officially approved and registered by national authorities
  •  Have at least three years of project implementation in youth education, martial arts, sports, international development, or in another relevant field
  •  Have at least three permanent staff members to operate the Open School project
  •  Have no previous experience of hosting the Martial Arts Open Schools with ICM

□ Submission of expression of interest

  •  Application period: Monday 19th  February – Sunday 10th  March, 2024 24:00 (KST)
  •  Submit 1) completed application form (including a project proposal and evidentiary materials), 2) an official letter or certificate of business registration, and 3) a recommendationletter (optional) to
  •  Email Title: “[Open School Partnership Proposal] Your organisation name”
  •  Ensure all documents are submitted in one PDF file

□ Selection process

  •  Preliminary screening

-Applications will be screened based on the following criteria: eligibility, application documents authenticity, and institutional reliability.

  •  Final selection

  – Shortlisted applications will be evaluated against the following criteria: level of project understanding, project proposal, preparedness, and expected outcomes.

  Applications from Sub-Saharan regions may be given priority.

  •  Notification on selected applications: Tuesday 2nd April – Thursday 4th April, 2024

   – Selected applicants will be notified via email or phone, and those who do not respond to the notification in 48 hours will be considered disqualified.

 Information regarding selection process and conditions of partnership

  •  ICM may not select any application if it is not qualified, and has no obligation to notify the applicant.
  •  ICM shall not in any way be obliged to reveal or discuss with any applicant, how an expression of interest was assessed, or to provide any other information relating to the evaluation or selection process, or to state the reasons for not choosing an applicant for partnership.
  • ICM may publish the names of the selected applicants on the ICM website.


Application Form (for project proposal and evidentiary materials) download here

Here is the Demonstration.

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